NXT Cool Coat

NXT Cool Coat

Heat Reflecting Roof Coating That Cools Significantly

Product Description

NXT Cool Coat® is a remarkable new heat reflective roof coating utilizing revolutionary Thermal Protection Technology® to reduce the temperature of your home in summer.

For the first time, you can reduce the heat of your roof and live more comfortably without sacrificing color choice.

This will save energy and cooling costs. It will also reduce greenhouse emissions and the impact of your home on the environment while your roof looks great.

What you’re about to read will change your thinking about a roof restoration, the cost of cooling your home and the impact of your home on the environment!

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NXT Cool Coat is manufactured by the multi-award-winning Nutech Paint, Australia’s largest and oldest roof coating specialists.

In the past 38 years, Nutech has spent more on roof coating research and development than all the competition combined and is widely regarded as Australia’s leading manufacturer of innovative roof coatings.

It’s well known that traditional dark-colored roofs tiles and metal sheet roofs soak up the sun getting hotter and hotter as the day progresses.

When the roof space becomes superheated, the temperature of rooms can become unbearable. Due to rising energy costs, air conditioning is becoming increasingly prohibitive in terms of both cost and resources.

Amazingly NXT Cool Coat® helps keep your roof and home cooler without sacrificing color and design.

This nu-technology reduces the amount of sunlight your roof absorbs, dramatically lowering its heat build-up and allows the use of traditional dark colors and light colors.

Unlike other solar reflective roof coatings which only function in white and light pastel colors, NXT Cool Coat® is available in a full-color range including all the rich earthy colors used currently by roof tile and colored metal sheet manufacturers that are so popular in Australian homes.

Conventional darker colored roof paint and unpainted cement tiles absorbs between 60% and 95% of the suns infrared heat.

New NXT Cool Coat® is a significant technological and environmental break through because it reflects between 37% and 91% of the infrared heat subject to color.

This means that it is up to 70°F to 90°F cooler on the surface of your roof and 43-50°F cooler inside your house.

Pro Tip

  • NXT Cool Coat can be applied over Monier Tiles.

Features of NXT Cool Coat®

NXT Cool Coat® is enhanced with nano-technology for improved water beading and self-cleaning properties.

Nutech has used Nano Technology in the TileFlex 2000® roof coating system for more than 10 years with over 750,000 roofs in Australia and overseas successfully restored.

Heat accelerates the degradation of all roof coatings, causing a reduction in elasticity, gloss, adhesion, color and other physical properties of coatings.

By keeping the coating cooler, NXT Cool Coat® technology will enhance and extend the life of the coating, protecting your roof for longer.

Because the life of the coating is extended, replacement or refurbishment is required less frequently which further adds value to the original job and conveys longer term cost savings to the consumer.

This is a winning formula for both the consumer and our environment.

Additional Features of NXT Cool Coat®:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Advanced polymer for ultra-durability
  • Fade resistant to chemicals, UV light and heat

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