Nutech NuPrime Roof Primer

NuTech NuPrime

Primer Specifically Made For Tile Roofs

Product Description

NuPrime is an extremely fine particle size, wet adhesion promoted acrylic primer coating designed for powdery roof tiles and concrete surfaces.

Its technically advanced formula is designed to promote deep penetration ensuring top coat adhesion.

NuPrime is a non-yellowing clear primer, which is fully compatible with surface binding and all Nutech top coat systems.

Features of Nu Prime from NuTech Paints

NuPrime is a high quality compound adhesive to bond difficult to penetrate powdery surfaces. Used as an undercoat on powder coated roof tiles, NuPrime provides an excellent surface for NXT Cool Zone – Acrylic Roof tile coating.

It is a stable non-yellowing coating, which retains both flexibility and strength. NuPrime provides excellent protection against bacteria and mold on most surfaces.

Concrete and masonry surfaces undercoated with NuPrime require substantially less top coat paint compared to an unsealed surface.

Surfaces undercoated with NuPrime and top coated with NXT Cool Zone – Acrylic perform exceptionally after curing under all weather conditions to provide a 100% waterproof coating.

NuPrime has undergone rigorous testing and special consideration has been given to ensure that the chemical composition and compatibility of NuPrime and all top coating systems are suitable for Australian, Asian, EU, and USA conditions.

Additional Features

  • Improved drying speed
  • Easy application by brush, roller or spray
  • Guaranteed intercoat adhesion with all Nutech top coat systems including NXT Cool Zone®
  • Ultra Violet light resistant when top coated
  • 100% water and weather proof performance
  • High resistance to mold and fungus
  • Economical prime coat
  • Excellent penetration through oxidized powdery tile surfaces

Best Over:

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Monier Tiles

Important Application and Usage Warnings

  • Avoid mist-spraying NuPrime on hot tiles to prevent flash surface drying.
  • Coat in cooler weather conditions or pre-wet the roof with cold water to reduce the surface temperature
    in very hot weather.
  • The addition of 2 pint of water to 5 Gallons of NuPrime in very hot weather is
    recommended to assist penetration and reduce the potential for flash surface drying.
  • Block all downpipes in gutters to prevent run off entering storm water drains.
  • NuPrime must be flood applied to saturate the surface of the tile to maximize the penetration through
    the powdery surface. However the coating may run when saturation applied.
  • Always block downpipes to prevent contamination of storm water and water collection systems.
  • Disconnect all water tank supply pipes before application to prevent contamination.
  • Always check for holes in gutters and downpipes to avoid spills or contamination of building surfaces.
  • Refer to Nutech Material Safety Data Sheet for additional safety and user information before
    using or opening the container.

Important Note:

The information given on this data sheet is based on many years experience and is correct to the best of our knowledge.

However since the use of our product, surface conditions, weather and a number of other factors are completely beyond our control, we can only be responsible for the quality of our product at the time of dispatch. For more information please contact our Company.

As this information is of a general nature, we cannot assume any responsibility in individual cases.

Data & Material Sheets

  • Product Spec Sheet

Typical Properties

Appearance: Milky white viscous liquid
Total Solids Content: 23%
Per Cent Volatiles: N/A
pH: 8.0
Specific Gravity: < 23%
Solubility In Water: Soluble
Minimum Film Forming Temperature: 50°F.
Minimum Film Thickness (Dry Coat): Subject to surface conditions
Recommended Application Rate: One saturation coat @ 165 square feet per Gallon.

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