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NuTech Metal & Concrete Roof Primer

Primer for Oahu Metal Roofs

Product Description

Nutech Anti-Corrosion Water Based Acrylic Metal Primer is designed as a primer for new and weathered steel, galvanized, zincalume, aluminium, lead, copper and precoated metal sheeting.

This primer is supplied standard in a mid-gray color or White suitable for top coating with all Nutech top coatings.

Features of NuTech Metal Primer

Nutech Metal Primer is an acrylic coating, which demonstrates exceptional adhesion to a range of substrates including metal and masonry surfaces.

The coating provides good chemical resistance, weatherability and ease of application by brush, roller or airless spray. The coating is suitable for new and older galvanized metal.

It can be used for all metal roofing and can also be used as a primer over Colour bond and other coated metal sheet roofing products.

The primer is not recommended for coating over high gloss coatings on metal sheet roofing.

Surfaces primed with Nutech Anti-Corrosion Metal Primer perform exceptionally under conditions of hot, cold and wet weather, provided they are correctly cleaned and top coated with a suitable protective finish.

Additional Features

  • Improved hardness and flexibility
  • Excellent long term resistance to corrosion and rust
  • Easy application and clean up
  • Suitable for new and weathered galvanised and zinc metal sheeting
  • Weatherproof
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of metal and masonry substrates
  • Outstanding durability
  • Oil and water resistant


  • The surface should be cleaned to remove all contaminants and dirt and any loose coating.
  • A suitable surface is usually achieved using a high-pressure water cleaner (greater than 2500 p.s.i.).
  • If new galvanized sheets are heavily contaminated with oil and machine lubricants, the surface must be washed with a suitable degreaser or solvent before coating.
  • Nutech Anti-Corrosion Metal Primer used for metal roof sheeting must be over coated withNXT Cool Zone® – Acrylic for extended exposure.
  • Nutech Metal Primer is available in both white and light gray color.
  • White Metal Primer is recommended when using White-colored NXT Cool Zone to maximize infra-red light reflection.

Application Warnings

  • Application on non porous substrate including metal sheeting, requires adequate curing of this product
    before top coating.
  • Same day top coating in winter or cold weather is not recommended. Same day top coating in cold
    weather will retard curing of this primer and surface blisters and delamination bubbles may result,
    unless adequate curing of the primer is ensured.
  • Primer adhesion may be affected when applying on hot metal sheeting. Ensure substrate surface
    temperatures do not exceed 86°F.
  • Refer to Nutech Metal Sheet Roofing Guideline for additional application information.
  • Refer to Nutech Material Safety Data Sheet for additional safety and user information before
    using or opening the container.

Important Note:

The information given on this data sheet is based on many years experience and is correct to the best of our knowledge. However since the use of our product, surface conditions, weather and a number of other factors are completely beyond our control, we can only be responsible for the quality of our product at the time of dispatch.

For more information please contact our Company. As this information is of a general nature, we cannot assume any responsibility in individual cases.

Appearance: Gray or White colored viscous liquid
Total Solids Content: 35%
pH: 9.0
Per Cent Volatiles: Nil (wet film)
Specific Gravity: 1.26
Solubility In Water: Soluble
Minimum Film Forming Temperature: 50°F
Minimum Dry Film Thickness: 4 Mil
Recommended Application Rate: One coat @ 200 square ft per gallon

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Metal & Concrete Primer
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  • Block Asphalt Bleedthrough
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  • Can be left exposed for 7 years without re-coating
Can be used over:
  • Block Asphalt Bleedthrough
  • Seal up bare wood
  • Stop your roof leaks — 100% Waterproof
Not Recommended over:
  • Block Asphalt Bleed through
  • Seal up bare wood
  • Stop your roof leaks — 100% Waterproof
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