Find Out Your Best Roof Coating Choice for Your Oahu Flat Roof

Hi, my name is Frank Rogers of LeakMaster Roofing. When I started out 35 years ago, all the roofs we did were hot asphalt, just like this roof here. They were hot, they were smelly, they were very unpleasant; and worst of all they cracked after about 10 years, you had to haul them down to the dump.

New technologies have come along and we almost always put down coatings on top of the old existing hot asphalt roofs that we used to put down. The question then becomes what type of coating is best for your roof? Silicones or Acrylics? The answer is both.

We use the Acrylics as a base coat; they are flexible, they are inexpensive, they waterproof really nicely, and they act as a great base coat for the silicone to go on top. The silicone is more expensive, but it’s worth it.

It will resist unlimited ponding water, it also is unaffected by sunlight, the ultraviolet rays won’t crack it or chalk it. It’s really quite a remarkable material, but it is expensive so we usually use it just as a top-coat.

But no matter what system you want to do, LeakMaster does them all. If you have a commercial project like Castle, we’ll go with a Dura-Last single-ply.

Like I said, we do them all and even a humble repair we’re happy to do. Please give me a call if you have any questions at all. Thanks for listening, Mahalo.

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