Learn What You Must Know About Your Shingle Roof on Oahu

Hi, I’m Frank Rogers of LeakMaster Roofing, and today our question is ‘what are the most important things I need to know about my shingle roof?’

Well, number one is that they are the most popular roof in Hawaii, they are one of the least expensive, at least at the entry-level shingle, and you have 3 different options for it.

Number 1 you can repair them, and in fact often we do this. LeakMaster will do this. We don’t want to sell you a whole new roof if all you need is a simple repair.

Number 2 you can coat asphalt shingles as long as they are not too wobbly and too far gone. In fact, I would say about 75% or 80% of the time this is the route that most of our customers go for. Why? It’s cheaper, cools down your house a lot more and you also do have a wide range of colors.

You can have a bright white, which will reflect a lot and keep your house very cool, or you can choose from a number of kinds of medium or darker colors as a top coat so that you can blend into your neighborhood. And even these medium and darker colors, because they are from NXT, from Australia, they reflect the ultraviolet rays and keep your house cool.

And then, last of all, you can choose to tear off your roof and put on a whole new shingle roof. LeakMaster does this also all the time. And you have a wide range of shingles to compare from. You have a simple basic 3-tab shingle that lasts about 15 or 20 years in our sun. Or you can go all the way up to the higher quality dimensional shingle.

No matter which way you want to go, LeakMaster Roofing does them all. We repair, we coat with coatings and we replace them with new shingles. We have long warranties in all of these systems, so please ask us about that.

And thank you very much for listening to me today, Mahalo.

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