Details in Your Roofing Contract that Can Cost You A Lot of Money & Stress

Hi, I’m Frank Rogers of LeakMaster Roofing and it still amazes me after 35 years as a licensed contractor of the state of Hawaii, that some homeowners will just sign a contract thousands of dollars and just mail it in without comparing what’s in the contract.

Lets go through the most important things in the contract.

The Price
Always get 3 estimates before deciding on a contractor. That’s still the golden rule. That is still your best defense against an unjustified high price.

Once you get the price, look to see what your buying.
The most important thing that we see is that in particularly in roof coating, where you can go look on a roof and it may look really nice but it’s not thick enough. And what you need to do is make sure that in your contract, it tells you how many gallons total are going to be put on your roof. So you want to make sure you have the right thickness. If you don’t have the right thickness, it’s going to fail, it’s going to crack, it’s not going to last as long.

Don’t accept vague descriptions, like ‘2 thick coats’. You want to know how many gallons are going down on your roof. And in our LeakMaster contract, we put that right in your contract so that you know exactly what you have.

Also, what we do is we number our buckets.
We have a very strong inventory control. Make sure that all the buckets we deliver get put in your job. We even have a separate person from our office come by, count the buckets and verify on the roof that its been down there.

Another thing you’re going to want to know about is all the ins and outs of warranties. We try to make it simple. But if you look at our video, what you need to know about warranties that will tell you a little more about it. But we’ll save that for another FAQ.

Thanks for listening. We’re honored just to have the opportunity to bid on your project. Feel free to call me anytime at LeakMaster. My name is Frank Rogers, Thanks for listening.

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