What are your choices for your metal roof – coating, repairs and replacing?

Today we’re going to talk about metal roofs. Metal roofs are one of the best roofs for Hawaii, I have this on my home in Manoa, it’s a fantastic roof.

With metal roofs you are looking at 3 possibilities: Repair, re-coat or replace.

First of all, let’s take repair that’s the cheapest option. We look at any rusted or dented panels we pull those panels off, we replace them, we seam up all of your seams with this nice peel and stick metal tape and then we prime it with a metal primer.

Now, if you want to re-coat it, then we put on a high-performance top-coat on that. If you want a really long lasting coating we recommend a silicone coating that has 50 year warranty, so that’s a good thing.

If you want to have special colors that match in with your color scheme of your neighborhood, then we go with NXT Cool Zone that will reflect the heat even with dark colors and it looks beautiful, looks like a new roof after you’re done.

For those who want to go ahead and just replace it all with new, we do that also. And what does that involve? We tear everything off, we put down new metal, new fasteners, new everything and those will last for a long time.

Particularly, the number one roof is a standing seam metal roof, again, this is what I have in Manoa. We don’t have exposed screw heads and fasteners that will back out and rust and have to be maintained, so it’s a very long lasting roof, that’s the best.

Now, if you want to save some money maybe about 25% less than that, you go with a standard corrugated metal roof also what we call a totung roof in Hawaii.

That’s a good roofing system too, but you do have to maintain it and you do have to, you know, keep on top of your screws and your laps to make sure everything is all sealed up nice and good.

But no matter what you do: repair, replace or re-coat LeakMaster does it all, we’re happy to do it, even a humble repair. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call me Frank Rogers at LeakMaster and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Contact us today to find out exactly what your metal roof needs and the next steps forward. We can help you.

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