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Monier & Tile Roof Repairs

Monier Tile

Avoid walking on your tile roof unless absolutely necessary. if you need to walk on the roof, caution should be exercised to ensure your personal safety and prevent damage to roof tiles that may void your warranty. roof traffic is specifically mentioned
in the Special exclusions section of your warranty. roof tiles broken by foot traffic should be replaced as soon as possible. the broken tiles may cause problems by allowing water and uv rays to penetrate through to the underlayment and damage it.

Roof tiles will be subjected to the worst nature can offer. the combination of elements that destroy most other roof coverings will not, however, seriously affect the protective properties of concrete tile. Over time, the surface of any product left unattended will show signs of aging, and concrete roof tiles are no exception.
tiles are normally colored by either adding pigment into the body of the tile during the mixing stage or by applying a concentrated slurry coat of cementitious pigment to the top surface following extrusion and forming.

Slurry coated tiles are usually selected when high contrast, bright colors are desired while integral colored tiles provide a more subtle appearance. Slurry coated tile can oxidize and turn chalky before gradually wearing down to the concrete base. the integral colored tile on the other hand may experience some surface lightening but will retain its base color indefinitely. this lightening can be the result of surface erosion that essentially exposes the grains of aggregate.

Leakmaster’s Opinion

Most owners love Monier, and the heavyweights do last a long time. If you buy them, don’t use a regular roofing felt–get the thick, new reinforced felts. They can withstand the heat build up under the tiles. Cheap insurance.

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  1. winston ling says:

    Do you give free estimates? I have Monier tile roof and a leaking skylight that is in my kitchen. I live in Royal Summit subdivsion.

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