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Single Ply Roofs



Warranties: 15, 20, 30 years

These are Manufacturer's Labor and Material Warranties which are considered the gold standard in roofing, Why? Because they remain in place even if your humble roofing contractor goes out of business, God forbid. The most common Warranty is for 15 years. The longer Warranties are not available for all roof situations and cost more. As always, refer to the Manufacturer's docs for the final word.


  • Longest Warranties, backed by the Manufacturer's deep pockets
  • White membranes reflect heat and lower AC costs
  • PVC's can self-extinguish in a fire
  • Duro-Last covers unlimited ponding water-no need to tear off


  • Most expensive roof systems
  •  Manufacturers don't usually warranty homes for labor costs
  •  Limited choice of colors-white, tan and grey


Leakmaster's Opinion

When you are calculating life cycle costs, spread out over many years, they make sense. If your budget doesn't allow for 5 to 10 year pay offs, then consider the fabric reinforced Roof Coatings which will do the trick for less up front costs. These are all good brands, but we prefer the Duro-Last Warranty and the fact that it can take unlimited ponding water--which often saves you big money on messy roof tear offs and re-sloping costs. It is also the only Warranty we know of that covers "Consequential Damage." It covers such things as interior damage, loss of computers, etc.

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  1. Single Ply Roofs is a best technique in roofing.fabric reinforced Roof Coatings is a low cost roofing.

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