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HydroStop – Roof Coating Hawaii

Hydro-Stop when applied to A/C ducts, dramatically lowers your electric bill.

Hydro-Stop is an excellent sealant around solar penetrations.

Hydro-Stop is always installed with 40'' roof fabric to make it stronger.


HydroStop is an excellent Acrylic Roof Coating that has a long Hawaii track record. It is always put down with a reinforcing roof fabric, which we think is an excellent idea and accounts for its’ many successes. It is FM 4470 approved.

Average Price: $4-$7 S.F.

An easy roof, like a mineral cap surfaced roof, is in the lower price range, which a more complicated roof, such as a pitch and gravel scrape down is in the higher range.
*All prices are approximate and must be confirmed in writing after a job site inspection

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