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Apoc Sta-Kool 780 Silicone Roof Coating (Siliconized)


The Apoc Sta-Kool 780 Siliconized Coating is the upgraded version of the Apoc 770 Acrylic coating. It’s an unusual hybrid of Silicone and Acrylic materials. It contains some of the benefits of both materials–the increased resistance to ponding water that is inherent in Silicone coatings with the ease of use of water based Acrylic coatings. It is not as resistant to prolonged ponding as a pure Silicone. However, it can be fully reinforced with our roofing fabric–which is a good thing. That gives it added strength against cracks when the roof expands and contracts.

Average Price: $3-$5 SF*

The lower price range is for a protective Reflectivity Coat at about 3 gals. per 100 SF of area. A Full Fabric Reinforced system with about 4 to 5 gals per 100 SF is in the higher range.

*All prices are approximate and must be confirmed in writing after a job site inspection

Warranties: 7,10 years

The Manufacturer’s Material Warranty, from Apoc, is for 10 years because it is their Siliconized version of their acrylic Apoc 770 coating which carries a 7 year Material Warranty by Apoc.

*All warranties must be in writing and subject to a job site inspection.



  • Moderately priced
  • Unlike pure silicone, it can be reinforced with a roof fabric
  • Easy, water cleanup


  • Limited effectiveness for heavy ponding water–no Lipacyl
  • Doesn’t dry as fast as Hawaiian SunGuard’s Fast Dry
  • No Ceramic Titanium HeatShield

Leakmaster’s Opinion

We use Apoc 780 a lot as a moderately priced roof coating where there is not excessive ponding water. We define that as water that does not burn off after 24 hours of no rain. Customers who ‘Do It Themselves’ love its ease of use. We sell a lot of it at our GEO store.

From the Manufacturer’s Brochure:

Sta-Kool® #780, Ultra White, Siliconized, Elastomeric Roof Coating is the coolest and highest performing white acrylic roof coating available. This product forms a thick, rubber shield that expands and contracts over 300% to prevent cracking and roof damage. This silicone enhanced product offers unbeatable waterproof protection and long term life. It also provides a highly protective barrier which reflects the sun’s heat and destructive UV rays. In turn, this helps to cool surfaces and leads to a reduction of interior temperatures and cooling costs. This product is an “investment”, and can actually pay for itself in savings on utility costs.

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