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New Roofs

LeakMaster Roofing Installs & Repairs ALL Types of Roofs

From Residential, Commercial, Condominium and New Construction. Our Licensed and Knowledgeable Roofers will help you asses the condition of your roof and provide various options that will fit your needs.

Why Reroof? Simply Recoat.

First, we want to know if you even need a new roof or will a guaranteed repair better fit your budget?
Find out why more people are painting their roofs instead of tearing off and hauling their old roof to the dump every 10-12 years. Take part in the Cool Roof Revolution today.

What Kind of Roof Do You Have?

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

are one of the most popular uses of roof coatings. We can custom tint them to any color to blend into your neighborhood. Or choose elegant, bright white. Even dark colors can be used with our special Infra-red formula & still keeps your roof cool. read more

Flat Roofs

All Flat Roofs

including Pitch & Gravel, Cap Sheet, Brai & Single Ply. Even heavy ponding can now be sealed up with modern Silicone technology. With 50 year Warraties from GACOROOF, let this be the last time you reroof. read more

Monier Tiles

Monier Tiles

Why replace when you can restore! Tearing off & replacing a Monier Roof can cost $30,000 or more. With the NXT COOL ZONE coating from Australia, your original Monier roof can extend the life of your home & reduce interior temps. read more

Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs

Protect them for life of your structure. Whether you have an old warehouse roof or metal shingles we have a number of cool roof coatings that will waterproof them & protect against rust & wind damage — as long as you don’t wait too long. read more

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LeakMaster Roofing

Cool Roof Store

Compare Roof Coatings

Frank Rogers, Leakmaster Roofing & Cool Roof Store President, presents different types of roofs found around Hawaii.

The Cool Roof Store provides excellent selection of Roof Coatings. Hand Picked and Tested by Roofers, they can help asses which brand is best fit for your roof.

GacoRoof Product & Application Guide. GacoRoof is best for Flat Roofs with heavy ponding water and has a 50 year material warranty.

  • Want to Do It Yourself? Find out more about Applying Roof Coatings, as well as tips and guides on how simple it can be.
    Visit Cool Roof Store.Net

Flat Roofs

Roof Coatings

Roof Leak Repairs

Flat roofs are much more likely to leak than sloped roofs. But, it doesn’t have to be that way if you follow a few simple rules.

There are two main types of coatings – water based acrylics and solvent based silicones. Each has their fans and detractors…

Leakmaster made it’s name in roof repairs. We like a big job as much as any other roofer–but in this economy a guaranteed repair, done right, can keep you dry.

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Metal Roofs

Asphalt Shingles

Sloped Roofs

These fall into 2 categories: “Standing Seam” metal roofs which don’t have any exposed fasteners (a good thing!) Second place goes to “Exposed Fastened Panels” which are cheaper but require maintenance over time.

Look around you. From Kahala to Kaneohe these are the most popular roofs out there. They vary a lot in price and warranty. Here’s our take…

Like it or not, a sloped roof is the most visible part of a house–and a status symbol. It can boost a home’s value if you choose right.

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Easy Roof Type Includes: 1 Story Flat or Shingle Roof. $385* +tax Medium Roof Type Includes: 2 story Low – Medium Pitch Roofs (4:12 & above) Multi-level Roofs $485* +tax Hard Roof Type Includes: Metal Roofs Requires 32′+ ladders. Steep Pitched $585* +tax Terms and Conditions Leakmaster will supply and install Battens, ropes, tarps, etc. […]

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